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Online News in Australia

With some recent announcements it appears that the number of online news providers in Australia is going up. So (more for my own benefit that anything else – as I want to be able to keep track of the haps back home) I’ve created a list of online news and current affairs sites in Oz.

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2013 Federal Election: Minor Parties Take 2

Well we’re a week out and for those considering voting below the line I’ve already covered most of the minor parties (and Antony Green has an excellent guide to below the line voting here) However there’s a whole bunch of single issue parties to add to the menagerie of minor parties running on the NSW

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2013 Federal Election: Minor Parties Vote Compass

The minor parties on offer on the NSW Senate Ticket (45 columns and 110 candidates) vary considerably. We have the wingnut right represented by the Rise Up Australia Party: The wingnut left represented by the Socialist Equality Party: And the just plain wingnut represented by the Palmer United Party (sadly the tinfoil hat wearing Citizen’s

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