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With some recent announcements it appears that the number of online news providers in Australia is going up. So (more for my own benefit that anything else – as I want to be able to keep track of the haps back home) I’ve created a list of online news and current affairs sites in Oz. I’m going to keep things general (so no topic specific sites – e.g. Gawker and publications from Private Media like Smart Company and the AIBM publications like Business Spectator) and electronic (so nothing that also exists in print like The Monthly or the News Ltd. and Fairfax publications).

I’m including sites that feature a paywall – I think that we should pay for quality journalism. If you’re a news and current affairs geek like me then you really should subscribe to one (I subscribe to Crikey, mainly for their in-depth work, but choose whatever you want – there’s even some you can donate to). I’ve ordered the sites by their Alexa ranking in Australia.

Daily (during the week at least) or Constantly Updating

ABC Online – 23

The Guardian – 69

SBS Online – 174

The Conversation – 453

Crikey – 786

The New Daily – 1657 

Online Opinion – 1876

Independent Australia – 2635

New Matilda – 6682

The Global Mail – 7672


Inside Story – 26331

Reportage Online

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