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2013 Federal Election: Minor Parties Take 2

Well we’re a week out and for those considering voting below the line I’ve already covered most of the minor parties (and Antony Green has an excellent guide to below the line voting here) However there’s a whole bunch of single issue parties to add to the menagerie of minor parties running on the NSW

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2013 Federal Election: Minor Parties Vote Compass

The minor parties on offer on the NSW Senate Ticket (45 columns and 110 candidates) vary considerably. We have the wingnut right represented by the Rise Up Australia Party: The wingnut left represented by the Socialist Equality Party: And the just plain wingnut represented by the Palmer United Party (sadly the tinfoil hat wearing Citizen’s

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DJing at Herrang

I’ve just left Herrang after volunteering for the crash down of camp. I’m now slowly meandering my way to Italy where I’ll take up residence in September. Whilst I was taking classes and partying I had the opportunity to be a volunteer DJ on a number of occasions. DJing at Herrang was an awesome experience

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DJing at Herrang – The Secret Library Blues Party 29/07/13

So I’ve been DJing quite a bit at Herrang. Last night I turned the library into a secret blues party after about 3am. I’ll get around to posting my other setlists and talking more generally about DJing here but I wanted to get this list up as quite a few people asked me about the

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Yeah, swing dancing is sexist. So what are you going to do about it?

Sexism and misogyny in Australia has been in the news of late (in case you’re not from here or have been hiding under a rock). There’s also been a whole lot of new discussion in the Lindy Hop community about the nature of sexism in our community. See on blogs for example here, or on

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I’m not on Tumblr. Perhaps I should be. Cause there’s awesome stuff on Tumblr. Like this: The Female Lead’s Manifesto The awesomeness is that each of the 5 points could be just as well applied to male follows too.

Set List: Brisbane Lindy Exchange Sunday Evening

Here’s my set from Sunday afternoon at the Brisbane Lindy Exchange. I was following up the wonderful Tim Awesomesauce. After starting this set off with a food theme I took a detour through the Jitterbug Stroll and a little bit of ‘sixties’ stuff. A spontaneous jam circle formed on Jeep Jockey Jump which was strange

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Setlist: Brisbane Lindy Exchange Friday night uplate

Seq – Name – Artist – Album – BPM – Duration1 – Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens – Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five – Choo Choo Ch’boogie – 150 – 3:052 – Never Make Your Move Too Soon with Smack Dab in the Middle – Barbara Morrison – Live at the 9:20 Special

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A-Z and Chronological Song List

It’s been another nearly 6 months since posting so I thought I’d get another one done. Back to Australia and Hullabaloo, BLX, the Little Big Weekend (oh how I have missed speakeasy) and more dancing, dancing dancing! Plenty of DJ folks have been putting together A-Z song lists. So I decided to raise the bar

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ILHC and Electoral Systems

Well it’s been nearly 6 months since my last post here and I thought I should get it back going again. I was going to post something about teaching swing dance in Nepal, a recipe for vegetable curry or something similarly relevant but then the ILHC scores came out. Now for those of you who

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