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Djd Set: Devil City Swing, Sunday Night

Devil City Swing has got to be one of my favourite exchanges. So I was thrilled to be playing a set there. My set was Sunday night at the last venue (The Grand Poobah). We were late getting into the venue so I couldn’t have music playing when people arrived. The first couple of songs

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Review: Where to buy music in Australia

I’ve had a lot of people asking me lately where to buy swing music from so I thought I’d put together a post outlining the best places to purchase music from. I’ll cover physical stores and buying CDs online as well as digital downloads. This is written from the Australian viewpoint – noting that many

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Swing Pit – 25 Feb – Set list

Although it’s been cooler lately the venue was still quite warm and muggy – I was playing second after the birthday/welcome jam. It was a fairly small crowd at the start of the night after the lesson but things picked up pretty quickly after that. I didn’t really think I played that well – it’s

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