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Links of the Week: A Gender special

I’ve been thinking a lot about gender and sexuality issues particularly in the dance space so I thought I’d post a bunch of links I’ve come across. 

ABC’s Artscape follows a group of gay and lesbian ballroom dancers as they battle injuries and prejudice to compete in the gay games.

Dahlia Lithwick on slate.com looks at the lengths conservatives will go to to protect people in power no longer are they denying the claims of women who experience sexual harassment, they’re now denying sexual harassment even exists.

Michelle Griffin in the Herald explores how even in today’s workplace women are still the ones who face the more difficult choices around parenting and career.

On a related note Amanda Czerniawski has some interesting commentary on Sociological Images on the following laundry powder commercial

And finally the world’s population supposedly hit 7 billion in the last month. Rob Brooks writes in the Conversation that if you’re serious about population control, you should be serious about feminism.

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