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Links of the week

This week I wanted to share a few videos.

First is an amazing collaboration between the renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and a dancer by the name of Lil Buck who does bone bending. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

A friend linked this video of Glenn Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band at DCLX – they are swinging hard. Don’t forget to check out Glenn’s blog and buy his bands’ CDs.
The following video is the battle between Glenn Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band and the Jonathan Stout Orchestra also at DCLX. It’s a pity the camera doesn’t show the audience because they have pretty much all stopped dancing to cheer on the musicians. One of the musicians recounts his experience of it on his blog.
This video has been doing the rounds but I have to share it again. Electro-swing band Caravan Palace perform live with the Ninjammerz in front of thousands of people at the Montreal Jazz Festival:
Tim Minchin’s 9 minute beat poem “Storm” has finally been turned into an animated short. Enjoy:
And finally some politics: Adam Clancy on The Drum notes that though the price of electricity and petrol are going up there’s plenty of things that are going down.
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