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Links of the week

I’ll review the results of the State Election once the fallout from the LC and Balmain are known, probably by this weekend. In other news:

Gavin Atkins on The Drum and Adam Brereton on New Matilda document last week’s anti-carbon-tax rally. Jeremy Bass writing in the National Times is concerned that it represents the rise of ‘astroturfing‘ in Australia.

Also on climate change the ever predictable Chris Berg responds on The Drum to Jonathon Holmes’ piece on Media Watch suggesting that the Commercial Broadcaster’s Code of Practice requires the talkback radio shock jocks to have a more balanced coverage. Elsewhere the National Times examines the question: Should we have an absolute freedom of speech?

Meanwhile Massimo Pigliucci examines on Rationally Speaking whether the bombing of Libya amounts to a ‘just war’.

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