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Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Rhea, Dionne and the rings of Saturn

Election guru Antony Green explains on his blog how you could be throwing your vote away if you don’t fill in as many preferences as you can at the next NSW State election.

As the Compton Cricket Club visit Australia, Brian Palmer explains on Slate.com why American’s don’t play cricket. The same probably also goes for Canadians, though presumably if you could invent a version of the game that was played on ice they’d go for it.

Nobel prize-winning biologist Christian de Duve argues that we have evolved traits that will lead to humanity’s extinction but Tim Flannery’s new book Here on Earth argues for hope.

Ross Gittins explains in the National Times how even though drugs on the PBS are relatively cheap here in Australia, Big Pharma is still ripping off the government and the taxpayer.

Another amazing photo – as the space shuttle Discovery makes its last ever flight, check out this shot of Discovery and the International Space Station. This photo was taken using a hand guided telescope – wow!

And Nick Williams explains the other side of being a Lindy Hop Rockstar – you’re always on the road, never at home and you have to deal with promoters, gossip and jet-lag. Aside from not making a great deal of money its much like the real thing. Thankfully they love what they do and help make Lindy Hop the great community it is – so next time you’re at a workshop, don’t forget to thank your instructors.

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