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The Evolution of Swing Dance (in a flowchart)

From my lindy hop population post I discovered the swing dancing subreddit. During a discussion about a swing dance evolution infographic someone threw down the gauntlet to make an improved evolutionary tree and I (perhaps foolishly) picked it up. Here’s the result (click on the image to load a viewer for the chart – complete

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Welcome Loyal Readers! For improved customisation and hosting of various things (see my next post) I’ve migrated over to a custom wordpress install. Everything should be more or less in the same spot and I’ll be making some enhancements over time. In the meantime why not take the opportunity to read through some of the

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An Open Letter to the Abbott Government

Now I normally don’t write letters to politicians, but occasionally some things get my goat so much that I feel obliged to break my own rules. If you feel as I do you’re welcome to use my text in your own letter. The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP Prime Minister of Australia Senator the Hon. George

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A Lindy Hop Pentathlon

So it seems my last post got quite the audience in Finland of all places so Tervetuloa! I spent this weekend watching the ESDC live feed (and getting drunk on Twitter) and it got me thinking about competitions. Specifically some sort of multi-division contest designed to really pick out the best of the best.What better

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I’m not on Tumblr. Perhaps I should be. Cause there’s awesome stuff on Tumblr. Like this: The Female Lead’s Manifesto The awesomeness is that each of the 5 points could be just as well applied to male follows too.

A-Z and Chronological Song List

It’s been another nearly 6 months since posting so I thought I’d get another one done. Back to Australia and Hullabaloo, BLX, the Little Big Weekend (oh how I have missed speakeasy) and more dancing, dancing dancing! Plenty of DJ folks have been putting together A-Z song lists. So I decided to raise the bar

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