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2012: The Mayans are Coming!

Well 2012 is now in full swing and the media is full of talk about Mayans and the end of the world (why do I feel like we’ve been here before). I thought I’d put together a bit of list from some of the best alternative commentary on the web. The first is this video

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Godwin’s Law

Christopher Monckton. Godwin’s Law. That is all. I would like to go to one of his talks, but only if the venue is licensed so I can play the fallacy drinking game. I’d probably wind up with alcohol poisoning though.

Why Men Lead and Women Follow – 10 Wrong Reasons

Spuds posted a link on Yehooid to this article written by a dancer named Lloyd on his blog. It claims 10 ‘good’ reasons why men should lead and women should follow in partnered social dance. He doesn’t refer specifically Lindy Hop much but it’s definitely relevant to the Lindy scene. Enough preamble – here’s why

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